Babushkina Str., 6a, office 410,
Minsk, 220024,
Republic of Belarus

The limited liability company Kislorodmontazh-Stroy has been operating since 1968. as part of the USSR Minmontazhspetsstroy (Soyuzkislorodmontazh trust), then as part of Montazhspetsstroy corporation, as Belkislorodmontazh on the territory of the Republic of Belarus as part of two sections: Grodno and Minsk. In 2000, an independent enterprise was established in Minsk, Kislorodmontazh UE, and in 2006, the enterprise was transformed into Kislorodmontazh-stroi LLC.

The main production activities of Kislorodmontazh-Stroy LLC include:

The main customers of Kislorodmontazh-Stroy LLC are BMZ OJSC - BMK Holding Management Company, Naftan OJSC, Kryon OJSC, Integral OJSC - Integral Holding Management Company, BELAZ OJSC - Management Company Holding BELAZ.

LLC “Kislorodmontazh-Stroy” has a special permit, license for the right to carry out activities in the field of industrial safety regarding the performance of work and services.